Mondo designs and builds amazing web and mobile applications

Mondo is a full-service User Experience consulting firm for Fortune 500, mid-market and start-up companies. We specialize in helping clients create intuitive user experiences for sophisticated applications and corporate websites delivered across desktop, mobile, and web.

What We Do

We offer a broad spectrum of services which work seamlessly together to create premier, World-class user experiences which deliver measurable value to your business.  

Strategy & Planning

We live and breathe design strategy. People are at the core of what we do, serving as our greatest inspiration. We get to the center of human needs, environments and behaviors to deliver ideas founded on insight and understanding rather than opinion. We partner with companies to lay out a strategic framework that connects business opportunities with customer insight.

Methods + Deliverables
  • Design Research
  • Customer Interviews
  • Contextual Inquiry
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Personas
  • User Stories
  • Journey Mapping
  • Opportunity Finding
  • Strategy Workshops
  • Consensus Building
  • Product Road Maps

Concept Creation

We generate big ideas and imaginative scenarios. We focus these into tangible products using our toolkit, 20 years in the making. We run workshops to synthesize our research and help organizations imagine a radically different future. We generate sketches, stories, journeys and other forms of visual thinking as ways to create, express, debate and prioritize ideas.

Methods + Deliverables
  • Design Workshops
  • Sketching & Storyboarding
  • Design Language
  • Proof of Concept
  • Product Wireframes
  • Concept Videos
  • Physical/Digital Prototyping
  • Concept Value Testing

Product Design

We are practitioners of Experience, Product, and Service Design. We create the interactions and behaviors that people sense, perceive, and experience with your whole product. We form the shapes, colors, textures, systems, environments, spacing, layouts, flows and interfaces that people touch and feel. We iterate, refine and test these details to help you ship great products.

Methods + Deliverables
  • Experience Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Brand Implementation
  • UI Design
  • Visual Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Design Libraries & Specs
  • Prototyping
  • Benchmarking
  • Usability Testing
  • FDA/EU MDR Compliance

Web & Native Mobile App Development

We build web and native mobile and tablet applications which balance emerging trends with proven practices, empowering us to deliver the highest quality digital products possible.  We subject the applications we build to our rigorous quality assurance processes which continues until we have crafted the perfect custom product for you and your audience.

Methods + Deliverables
  • Front-End Development
  • Design Systems
  • Motion Studies
  • Product Management
  • Process Book
  • Sprint Planning & Execution
  • Benchmarking
  • Performance & Usability Testing

Who We Work With

We work with some of the most recognizable, influential, and successful organizations, across a wide range of industries.  

What We’re Doing Now

It’s gratifying to see the positive outcomes we’ve enabled, in the faces of both our happy clients and in their delighted users.

Medication Availability for BD

We worked with the medical device giant BD to create a web application which gave hospital personnel the ability to see the accurate, real time availability of medication across an entire hospital system.  

Commercial Real Estate On the Go  

The rate of adoption of our newly introduced N360 iOS application is currently at 75%, far exceeding NGKF’s wildest expectations.  For Mondo, it’s just another great success.

Designing a Mobile Bank

Our design of the virtual bank, LiquidKlear, continues to wow those in the industry and beyond.  We’re excited to see this one go live!

Fraud Identification with Citi

We gave Citi customers a way to identify fraudulent transactions on their mobile devices, saving them considerable time and heartache while saving Citi MILLIONS in losses from disputed transactions.

New Dashboards for Core Native Apps  

We introduced powerful new Dashboards within BQE Software’s Core native iOS and Android applications.

Logo Design for NGKF

We created an impactful logo for an upcoming application for the multinational commercial real estate company, NGKF.

Instant Order Status for Target 

We worked with the Facebook Messenger team to enable functionality to allow Target customers to get real time order status and tracking information.  

United Airlines Flight Status Chat UI

We created a multimodal chat interface with which United Airlines customers are able to get up-to-the-minute flight status information.

An Android Application for The Hunt

We designed a state-of-the-art Android application for the massively popular fashion community, The Hunt.

Mondo Creates Big Experiences, with Big Results

When your project’s success is an absolute necessity and failure is not an option, it’s time to engage a team, Mondo Experience Design, who repeatedly creates positive outcomes for both its clients and their users.

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