About Us

We are a user experience design and development firm.  You can hire us to collaborate on a business challenge, build a culture of innovation within your organization, supplement your existing design or development organizations, create new products from scratch, or all of the above.

Our Team

The Mondo team is distributed across North America and beyond, extending our reach and enabling us to do more in more places.

Eric Burress

Partner, Design Lead

Akshay Mahajan

Partner, Development Lead

Owen Adams

Partner, Product Lead

Adam Armstead

User Research

Chris D’eon

Digital Marketing

Hilary Curran

Product Design

Bob Bobala

Content Design

Shane Saimo


Alexa Nguyen

Business Development

Kostiya Rud


Big Experiences and Big Results

When your project’s success is an absolute necessity and failure is not an option, it’s time to engage a team, Mondo Experience Design, who has repeatedly created positive outcomes for both its clients and their users.

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